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Navigation workshops are intended for people starting their adventure with navigation, although they are conducted at a level not lower than required for obtaining a yacht skipper’s patent. We familiarize our listeners with the required geography news and the properties of the sea map. We learn to use maps, locations and almanacs. The workshops will optimize your knowledge in order to obtain the optimal and safe route of the yacht. In addition to the theoretical part, the workshops will abound in many practical examples and navigation tasks.

In addition, the block includes classes in meteorology, flight, rescue and communications.

During the workshops you will receive the necessary and practical material to obtain
qualifications for the Yacht Helmsman and much more:


  • units used in navigation,
  • units used in navigation,
  • courses and bearings, position determination,
  • practical navigation using navigation aids,
  • GPS system.


  • basic meteorological factors,
  • knowledge of clouds,
  • knowledge of winds,
  • classification of air masses and atmospheric fronts,
  • receiving weather forecasts.


  • the IALA system,
  • navigation aids,
  • nautical charts.

Additional classes from:

  • Sea rescue
  • Maritime communications – FM radio

Classes are tailored to students, for whom we provide:
training aids (maps, conveyors, VHF radio)

  • The program includes 30 hours of training. (two weekends)
  • Classes are only practical
  • Working on maps, on FM radios, on phantoms.