OFFSHORE POWER YACHT SKIPPER | Opensailing | Szkoła Żeglarstwa i Sportów Motorowodnych



It is a certificate for people experienced in maritime navigation, who have on their account both sailing on tidal waters and independent driving of sea yachts. Participants are required to be at least 18 years old, possess the following certificates: Inshore Power Yacht Skipper (or equivalent program issued by another organization), SRC, first aid, safety training. The holder of this certificate will be able to drive motor yachts without restrictions in recreational sailing.
The training covers only the theoretical part in the form of lectures and workshops-exercises and verification of the internship.

The Offshore Power Yacht Skipper certificate confirms the following skills:

  • independent driving of motor yachts in all waters without restrictions

When will I need this patent?

you want to learn motorboat cruising inland without restrictions
you want to learn how to sail motorboats in closed seas
you want to be able to swim a motor yacht near the beach in the open seas and oceans

What requirements do I have to meet?

over 18 years old
skills in ISSA Inshore Power Yacht Skipper
having an SRC certificate
possession of a first aid certificate
completion of Individual Rescue Techniques course