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SRC COURSE / ISSA standard

The radio operator certificate is a necessary training that each of us must take if we are thinking about driving a yacht. This certificate must be held by at least one person in the crew of a sea yacht with maritime communications equipment (and they are on virtually every sea yacht).

It is a one-day course, but it is worth preparing for it a few days earlier – even mastering the alphabet, which knowledge is one of the most important skills when using an FM radio station outside our country. In addition to the alphabet, the course includes several selected elements related to marine radio service. These are extremely practical skills. Practical exercises on real radio stations are an inseparable element of the training. The course lasts from 5 to 7 hours depending on the number of participants and ends with a test on the same day.

On the course you will gain the necessary knowledge from competent and experienced instructors – how to communicate in distress, call for help, use equipment on the yacht, receive weather forecasts and navigational warnings. You will learn how to communicate with harbor officers or harbor masters, border guards, other units …


  • possessing skills and completing the ISSA VHF (Short Range) Radio Training course.