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Inshore Skipper is an amateur degree and it is enough to rent a sea yacht for recreational sailing on your own. It allows swimming in virtually all charter waters. A person with such a certificate should have all the rights to independently drive a sea yacht during the daytime in the coastal zone. We expect such a person to deal with maneuvers in the port, be able to navigate, efficiently and safely operate the yacht, not to go out to sea without the current weather forecast and be an example for others in the reasonable use of the benefits of our natural environment.

ISSA Inshore Skipper certificate confirms having the skills:

  • amateur driving of sailing yachts with an auxiliary engine in sea waters in the coastal zone

When will I need this patent?

you want to master the knowledge and skills needed to operate yachts in closed seas or in the coastal zone of the open seas

What requirements do I have to meet?

over 16 years old
participation in at least one sea voyage
training in premedical first aid
40 hours of training in the sea